Tips for Rec Players

Gillian Ferrari, Team Canada: 

Don’t wait until the second period of your game to be warmed up and ready to go. Even rec players can warm up before a game with some jogging, stretching and stick handling with a ball. 


Rachel Flanagan, Head Coach, University of Guelph Women’s Varsity Hockey:

Buy a piece of plexiglass or fake ice surface and practice your stick handling in your basement. Some people recommend using a ball; my advice is to use a regular puck. Put your hockey gloves (or small pylons) down about
three feet apart and stickhandle in figure 8s around the gloves. Practice figure 8s going both directions. Remember to stickhandle mainly with your top hand. Allow your bottom hand to slide up and down on the stick depending on whether the puck is in close or further away.


Sarah Vaillancourt, Team Canada:

Better positioning is how to take your game to the next level, whether you’re playing at an elite level or playing in a beer league. When you watch hockey on TV, really watch it. Examine breakouts and regroups and what the players are doing when they don’t have the puck. When rec players know where to be, it makes the game more fun.


Shannon Bowman, former co-captain Dartmouth College:

It takes 100 per cent commitment in each practice, camp and tryout. Every pass should hit the other player’s tape, every shot should be hard and accurate, and every skate should leave you spent. If the coach says jump, ask how high. Giving your best even when other players are dogging it is the way to get the extra edge on the competition.


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