Monday’s Canada-U.S.A fight

Up until now, I’ve stayed out of debates about fighting in hockey. Although I understand the role it plays, I just don’t like watching fights. I’d rather watch hockey. Plus, most NHL fights feel pretty staged.

The fight between Team Canada and Team U.S.A. Monday night wasn’t staged. It was explosive and messy.  

I’ve made it  clear in other posts that I admire the women on Team Canada for their integrity and work ethic. Now I’m trying to decide if I feel differently after watching Monday’s fight.

After all, one of the reasons I like taking my six- and eight-year-old daughters to women’s hockey games instead of OHL games is that I don’t like them seeing blood on the ice. I love that my daughters play hockey and have such admirable role models in female hockey stars. I want my daughters to learn that female strength can be poured into constructive, honourable pursuits. I don’t think female strength means fighting.

I get the extraordinary passion it takes to play on the national team. It’s these players’ whole lives; it’s the culmination of years of dreaming and sacrifice. And hockey is a battle. If every fibre of your body, mind and soul are in tune with the intensity of the game, it’s bound to bubble over at some point and get physical.

But I still don’t want my daughters to fight. I don’t want their role models to fight, either.


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